design process


At this stage, it is important to devote time to a detailed understanding of the client’s wishes, personal style, lifestyle, construction schedule and budget. 

Such a discussion takes place in conjunction with a detailed analysis of the floor plan, photographs, or a visit to a future facility.



Based on the initial discussion, the concept of a future interior is then developed including preliminary planning and necessary structural changes to the room. 

It is also necessary to pay attention to elements that can become the starting point of design. We discuss with the customer not only the style concept and the proposed elements of furniture, but also the ergonomics of the room.

It is important for us to make the interior not only beautiful, but also functional. At this stage, close cooperation with the client is especially important so that project development moves in the right direction.



After approval of the concepts, we proceed to the development of interior design, work out the project details, and select components. 

At this stage, the customer is provided with detailed plans, as well as specifications for lighting, equipment and trim samples in accordance with the agreed budget.



After approval of the package of drawings, work on the object can begin. 

We coordinate the construction process and hold regular meetings to ensure that all steps are carried out as planned.