Interior design services and project development, taking into account the needs and budget of the individual client. Together, we will translate ideas into elaborate drawings.


Project consulting will be especially interesting for clients who prefer to manage their own projects. They will have our designer’s recommendations when selecting and buying a room, as well as on issues related to interior design.


The development of a colour palette for the interior allows customers to choose the basic colours of the finish themselves. Joint work with the designer on the colour scheme guarantees the creation of a harmonious space. This ensures that the entire interior will be harmonious and consistent in design.


Personal accompaniment of clients on trips to furniture exhibitions and showrooms, art salons and antique fairs will help you to avoid making mistakes and to choose what will best emphasise the style of the interior.


Architectural supervision from the moment the design is completed construction starts, through to the stage of assembly and installation of furniture allows us to guarantee the fulfilment of all design decisions. When we take on full coordination of the project, our clients simply enjoy the new space.


The decoration process is the final step in creating the interior. By simply choosing the decor correctly, you can update an existing room and bring a new atmosphere into it. Having a lot of experience in this field, we know how to add the finishing touches that will make your interior unique.